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Advisory Service

Our organization offers a service directed to public and private entities, adapted to the reality and the context in which each one is inserted.
This service has as main objective the constant updating of the entities regarding the legal norms pertinent to their sector of activity and, from them, to benefit, preventing judicial and administrative conflicts. The basis of our consultancy process is based on the need to understand the difficulties and needs that are presented to us and to create the mechanisms or solutions to respond to them. After a diagnostic phase, together with the client, we define the improvement objectives and create the necessary procedures to ensure compliance with them.

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Legal Advisory

This service has as main objective the constant updating of the entities regarding the pertinent legal norms in their sector of operation, preventing judicial and administrative conflicts.

Through constant updating of legislation, we ensure that you will always be aware of the most recent legislative changes in the national paradigm and that most influence your entity.

Through an experienced legal team, specialized in several areas of law, such as civil, administrative, labor or tax law and others, we provide the necessary legal support and support for projects and legal representation of entities.

Adequate support for the prevention of risks and harmful results, which may arise as a consequence of non-compliance with contractual and/or legal precepts.


With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (Law 58/2019 of August 8, 2019), public entities must ensure that they respect the privacy of the data they retain. Globalsoft CBSC solutions are easily adapted to the new personal data protection legislation. The fines and control are high. Avoid taking risks.

Public Contracts

We provide a service-oriented to public entities, which aims at the formation and execution of public contracts that originate, the acquisition of goods and services and the leasing of goods, public works contract, works concession, services, energy exploitation and private uses in the public domain.
Decree-Law no. 18/2008, of 29 January and Decree-Law No. 111-B / 2017, of 31 August.

Public Accounting Support


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Human Resources

Nowadays, Human Resources takes on a stratgic role in the company, its management being increasingly complex in view of the numerous elements to be taken into account. With that in mind, our mission aims to support:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates;
  • Organization and preparation of the entire admission process;
  • Legal intermediation of any conflict resolution process;
  • Tailor-made training


This service is made available to public entities that, in compliance with the legal obligations arising from Law No. 66-B / 2012, of 31 December, should carry out the assessment of the respective services, officers and employees. Law 66-B / 2007 of December 28 and Regulatory Decree 18/2009, of September 4.

Regulations and Fees and Licenses

In the use of the powers provided for in Law No. 75/2013, the Municipalities must regulate the setting of the value of fees and other revenues, in which economic and financial criteria were considered, in compliance with the provisions of paragraph c ) of Article 8 of Law no. 53-E / 2006, of 29 December, in its current wording, as well as the principles of legal equivalence and fair distribution of public charges, enshrined in articles 4 and 5 Of the same legal diploma. Based on the scarcity of resources to which local authorities are subject, and the growing concern with the sustainability and efficiency of this sector, the importance that falls on revenues should not be overlooked.

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