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The competitive and volatile environment in which companies operate increasingly requires a prompt and effective management response that affects every business, a fact that cuts across all sectors.

At this point, Twist Consulting, through its consultancy services, intends to support the entrepreneurs and managers, with a set of services, namely, in core areas, such as finance, taxation, accountability, information systems, or human resources management. Therefore, we have a specialized consultants team, experts in financial, taxation, law, and economic challenges that micro-companies face in the market, and in the most diverse areas.

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Consulting Areas 


The uniformity of directives and regulations across the  European Union is a reality for your accounting, so its implementation of SNC (Accountability Standardization Systems) through the International Accounting Standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board cannot be forgotten.

Accounting should serve as an additional Internal Control over your company’s economic, financial, and asset life, and we can help keep accounts under control and facilitate your decision-making.


To achieve the goals with an efficient and effective use of all resources, we provide personalized support to your company management, not only to enhance your business but also in new project construction and internationalization.

The Complex Management Reports adapted to each company is a key point in which we can help too.

Process Salary Payments

Our mission is to support the verification of employment incentives and the salary processing of your company or organization.

  • Monthly Statement of Remuneration – DMR (Ordinance No. 6/2013 of January 10)
  • Sending monthly declarations to Social Security and Finances

Internal Control

The Portuguese business structure is mostly made up of micro and small companies. Many of them, don’t realize that it is possible to avoid failures and possible losses by adopting intern control assessments.

In this situation, there is still some ignorance. Many managers, don’t have knowledge at this level and aren’t very receptive to an adopted Internal Control, because they not see the positive results that can achieve from them.

Ask for our help. Internal Control increasingly takes on central importance in companies, as it aims to contribute to greater management efficiency.

Community Funds Application

The possibility of applying to community funds is increasing, therefore, we help in the management and monitoring of the entire process, not only in the investment project framework but also in preparation and presentation of application processes.


Immobilized has a materially significant value for most companies, so its control is of great importance. This represents the set of assets that the company acquires and that are necessary for the maintenance of its activity.

Immobilized can be characterized on tangible form, namely, edifices, machines i.e., or assets not tangible such as brands, patents rights, names i.e..

O imobilizado pode ser caraterizado na forma tangível, isto é, bens palpáveis como edifícios, máquinas, etc., ou na forma intangível, os não palpáveis, onde se enquadram, como por exemplo, marcas, direitos de patentes, nomes, entre outros. Its proper accounting, depreciation, amortization, inventory and even slaughter requires a set of specific procedures, all of which is a reality that we can help with.

Planning and Fiscal Obligations Preparation

Throughout the year, companies have a set of tax obligations that they must comply with, within the deadlines stipulated by the Tax Authority, avoiding the payments of fines and fees.

For this purpose, we assist your company in several aspects, namely in VAT, IRS, IRC, Social Security, stamp tax, E-invoice, SAFT-PT, Model 22, IES, and Payments per account.


Twist Consulting provides a management report that aims to present the performance of all activities carried out in the company. It contains the particularities of the business and the performance in a given period.

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