Audit Services

The competitive and volatile environment in which companies operate demands more and more efficiency in business management. At this point, through its audit services, intends to analyze the needs of your organization, financial and organizational. We have a wide range of know-how, namely in core areas such as financial, taxation, accounting, management systems and human resources. Therefore, we have a specialized team, with knowledge of the financial challenges that micro and small companies face in the market.

Public Audit

Performs a central role in assisting the public accountability process. As external audit of the executive board. The Auditors measure if the executive achieves the goals and validate the public management finances. At each stage, a report on the public accounts entities is prepared.

Private Audit

Twist Consulting is prepared to support your company in 3 aspects: Financial Audit, Compliance Audit and Results Audit. The first includes document analyses, reports, internal control systems, internal audits, accounting procedures and other records to verify if the financial activities are in accordance with the financial statements. Compliance Audit seeks to verify if the economic management of the audited entity complies with legal and regulatory provisions. And finally, Results Audit involves program analyses, management systems, operations used by the institutions to measure the quality of management.

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